Thursday, 26 October 2017

Professionalizing The Marijuana Business

For the longest time, the use and sale of marijuana have been a major taboo in most societies. Nobody wants to be associated with someone using it or users try their best to avoid public detection and thus save themselves from public scrutiny and persecution. But over the past few years, marijuana is becoming more accepted in most states in the country and farming, sale, and use of it is even considered legal now. Hence, it no longer comes as a surprise if courses are being offered related to the marijuana business considering how popular it is now and society at large seems to be more accepting of it as well especially in the use of medical marijuana.

Recreational marijuana is growing in popularity too, which is why those who are interested to learn more about this humble weed can now do so in certain colleges and universities in the country. Even prestigious and ivy-league schools have caught up with the craze because it is likely to stay for long and not just a passing trend that comes and goes with time. In all honesty, the weed business is a multi-billion dollar industry that is expected to grow even bigger in the coming years as legislation are passed legalizing its sale and use. Not only is the profit from the weed business growing but there is also severe sales growth of paraphernalia related to its use, like water pipes and bongs. It’s like shopping for your next hobby now as there are more options to choose from since more and more shops are carrying them in their store inventory. (more…)

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

The UK Economy Suffers Before Brexit

The world economy has always been on the edge for years now. An isolated issue somewhere in the globe can have a major impact on that nation’s economy, that of their region, or even to the world at large especially if it is related to wars and terrorism. Wherever you are in the world, the threat of violence is always there and innocent people are always the victim simply for them being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How well the economy is doing is often a good indicator as to how influential these disturbances in our surroundings are. For instance, a powerful country like the United Kingdom is facing its fair share of economic woes once it made the decision to separate from the European Union for good.

While preparations for the actual Brexit are underway, saying that the UK’s economy is unstable and highly volatile is such an understatement. As the fifth largest economy in the world, the financial problems they are facing may also have a big impact on the world at large. While local economists are worried about the implications of Brexit to the country, there is a group of economists spreading stories that the UK actually has everything to gain from this separation as the nation becomes more accessible to international trade. However, economists claim that while the UK may become more competitive globally post-Brexit, the odds are high considering that the nation does not have a strong economic framework in place to help them navigate this new and untested water of their independence.

According to leading financial authorities, the economy of the United Kingdom is in dire shape. If UBS is correct, then economic stagnation faces the United Kingdom in coming months. Volatility aside, the economic modelling process used by Swiss bank UBS indicates that UK growth has slowed down dramatically in 2017, and trends point to a continuation of this pattern. Post-Brexit, the PMI indicated a sharp decline in June 2016. Since then, the Purchasing Managers Indices gained sharply. There are two types of economic data that analysts can use to evaluate the performance of the economy: hard data with quantifiable facts, and soft data with sentiment.


There are more to Brexit than meets the eye and perhaps everyone in the UK and in the neighboring European nations can only grasp everything there is to know once the separation is completed. For starters, entry and exit to both places will be far more taxing for citizens unlike now where everyone is free to come and go at will. Deportations may be common too and restrictions will likely be applied to all regarding study, work, and living arrangements. It is a big inconvenience to everyone and many are worried as to what the future holds since the looming Brexit will likely be inevitable to happen.

In closely watched surveys of economic activity, financial information company IHS Markit said Tuesday that the economy of the 19 EU countries that use the euro is heading for decade-high growth rates while the UK's is increasingly sluggish largely due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The purchasing managers' index, a broad gauge of economic activity, for the eurozone was unchanged at 55.7 points in August. The index is on a 100-point scale, with anything above 50 indicating expansion.

Though output growth in the third quarter is slightly down on the second quarter, the firm said the single-currency bloc is on course for economic growth of 2.1 per cent this year, its highest since 2007, when the global financial crisis started to bite.


The rest of Europe seems to be faring well despite the many issues individual nations are facing yet the UK faces a major uncertainty as to the many questions and doubts raised by Brexit still fills peoples’ minds. You can’t blame everyone involved since they will likely be directly or indirectly affected by all these changes. The UK may have high hopes when they considered the idea of separating from the entire of Europe but their economy is already suffering as early as now. Business confidence is going down with the continued slowing down of the services sector that happens to be driving 80% of the UK’s economy. Only time can tell what is in store for everyone concerned.

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Friday, 13 October 2017

Health Issues Post-Hurricane Harvey

Humans have proven how resilient we are over the centuries. From our primitive ancestors to the modern humans walking the earth today, we have battled plagues, famines, wars, environmental changes, and so much more. Yet as resilient as we may seem to be, we aren’t immune at all to the many other organisms living on our planet and their impact on our health. It’s true we may have developed some sort of immunity or resistance but once our immunity levels go down because of stress, exhaustion or something else, getting sick is inevitable.

Our surroundings are a major factor to our health aside from our genes, lifestyle, eating habits, and exposure to certain allergens, irritants, germs, etc. Major changes in the environment can have a big impact on how well or sick we become. For example, exposure to mosquito breeding grounds in Asian countries can put people at risk of malaria or the dreaded Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. Water contamination can lead to cholera or other gut issues. People get really sick. And what more - in the face of major natural calamities that not only displace people and destroy properties but can even kill you as well like hurricanes, for instance.

The hurricane has gone, but health concerns and disease risk remain for all who went through it.

Even healthy people, after Harvey’s destructive force, could face health hazards related to polluted air, contaminated water, infected wounds, mold, contagious diseases, carbon monoxide, and mosquitoes.

"Going back into the flood environment has risks," says Albert Rizzo, MD, senior medical adviser for the American Lung Association.

The cleanup itself can be hazardous, he says, exposing people to the dangers Harvey left behind. Being aware of the risks and taking precautions can lessen health problems.


We all know floodwater is something we should take seriously. Dirty floodwater brings with it various washed out dirt, germs, and chemicals from who knows where. You take the risk of getting sick from encephalitis or other deadly conditions when treading in dirty floodwater without any sort of footwear protection like water boots perhaps. The risk is especially higher if you have open wounds that will be exposed to the dirty water. Some people have to brave the dirty water, though, in order to be evacuated and cleanup may take weeks or months depending on the extent of the damage and how soon the water subsides.

Hurricane Harvey didn't just dump torrential floods on the Gulf Coast, it also muddied the region's water and air with toxic chemicals, smog-forming pollution and raw sewage, creating the potential for serious health risks.

At least 80 spills from inundated sewage and wastewater systems were reported across Texas as of this week, according to the state's Commission on Environmental Quality. About 36 industrial facilities reported toxic chemical spills as of late last week, according to an analysis by Environment Texas, an advocacy group. And oil refineries and chemical plants had released nearly 1 million pounds of deadly air pollutants, the Center for Biological Diversity, another advocacy group, said over the weekend.

Especially concerning are the high levels of smog-forming pollutants released by the nine oil refineries and hundreds of chemical plants in the Houston area, said Elena Craft, an Austin-based health scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund. 


Exposure to these contaminated waters, in this case, toxic chemicals, and sewage waste, is a major health risk in places in Texas that have been badly hit by Hurricane Harvey. Even the mere act of breathing can pose serious health risks too and you don’t necessarily have to wade through floodwater for anyone to get sick as at least a couple of carcinogenic chemicals have been released and can make people sick through simple inhalation and likewise result in breathing difficulties. Many chemical plants and oil refineries have been badly damaged by the hurricane making cleanup doubly harder for everyone involved especially the unfortunate residents who are now in the process of rebuilding their lives starting with fixing up their hurricane-battered homes.

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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Learn All About Coding In The Classroom

Children are great imitators. They often copy what adults around them do rather than practice what they are being preached. Aside from the innocence and playful nature of young children, they are also fairly fast learners and can easily absorb things that they are being taught. It’s why kids these days are quite tech savvy. They have been exposed to technology early in life and it seems like second nature for them to operate these sophisticated and high-tech gadgets.

And because it is inevitable for them to dabble with technology when they grow up, it is better to teach them young about the language of computing, computer programming. Also known as coding, it is an essential skill for young kids to succeed in a future dominated by technology. In the digital age, coding is the fundamentals that everyone should know by heart. The youth of today grew up in a world that is littered with tech gadgets. From home appliances, smartphones, computers and laptops, social media, and many others, they learn to manipulate these devices with ease. Learning how to code gives them an edge and a deeper understanding as to how the computing technology actually works.

Teacher Jamie Loveless’s project proposal “Computer Literacy in the Elementary Classroom” was awarded an Educator's Innovation grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (ESDNL).

In the proposal, Loveless detailed the potential that teaching coding to elementary students unlocks.

"Manipulation of previously created code, as well as the creation of new code, will allow for creativity, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, and logical thinking - all desirable attributes of 21st learners and educators," he wrote.

Loveless said he and substitute teacher Chad Spurrell have been building an interest in coding and robotics at Riverside Elementary over the years through hosting after school clubs as well as incorporating coding into more ‘traditional’ subjects such as math and science.


If you think you are using too much technology right now, prepare to deal with so much more in the near future with technologies like artificial intelligence and supercomputers just looming on the horizon. While the content is still a big factor in running the world, the medium matters just as much. The world is quickly changing and young kids can easily adapt to this changing world if they learn to speak (or code) the language used.

Coding Kids – Summer Course project designed for kids and teenagers will introduce them other useful possibilities for using computers and phones besides playing and entertainment. Through the coding offered by the Center, the kids will be opened to a new world. This project will provide an opportunity for the children to obtain unique knowledge and skills for their development.

Coding Kids – Summer Course project has been designed for school children aged 9-11 and 12-15. The course for children aged 9-11 includes Introduction into IT and Computer Science, Coding Techniques and Creating Apps while 12-15 year-olds will study subjects, such as Intro into Computer Science, Programming in HTML/CSS/Javascript, Creating apps and Basic Databases. The duration of the program is 6 weeks. The lessons will be be held twice a week for free by instructor Gunay Kazimzada based on interactive methods at Barama Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.


A lot of the innovations we see today all started with an idea. What separates winners from the rest of the world is that they act on those ideas and not just keep on dreaming about them. Coding brings computing to life. One of the biggest hurdles in coding is the notion that it is hard to do. Well, everything actually has some level of difficulty depending on your level of familiarity or expertise on a given topic.

Most coding programs for kids are specially tailored for kids. It’s already a given. They will learn all about computer programming in a fun way and in an environment that encourages questions to be asked and actual learning to take place. They learn the dos and don’ts of coding and even about testing too after learning the basics. Kids can validate that they finally cracked the code if their skills are tested like any other skill out there. From understanding the basic concepts to learning how to code games, it will give their young minds even more reason to make a career out of coding when they grow up.

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sports Games Put On Hold In Anticipation Of Hurricane Irma

People pursue different interests. Some excel in school and get really high grades. They pursuit education endlessly until they get their Ph.D. degrees while others are more interested in the arts. The arts are a broad industry with the visual arts, performing arts, and many others comprising it. You can choose the niche you like and some even make a living in doing the thing they love the most as a performer or artist. Then there are those who are athletic and love to engage in sports. You can choose from physical sports and mental ones and the list is endless, actually.

While some sports activities can be done indoors and safe from the elements, others have to be conducted in bigger venues like an arena or a playing field. However, games must be canceled in case of inclement weather where the area itself isn’t safe for both the audience and the players. Examples of such sports are football. And with hurricanes hitting the country consecutively, it no longer comes as a surprise if games are canceled since we always think of human safety first, or if possible, moved to a different venue altogether.

FIU’s home opener against Alcorn State has been moved to Birmingham, Ala.

The game was orginally scheduled to be played Saturday at FIU Stadium in University Park, Fla., but will instead be played at Legion Field at 7 p.m. Friday, according to FBS Schedules.

“We have decided to relocate a number of our teams to Birmingham, Ala.,” FIU executive director of sports and entertainment Pete Garcia said, according to FBS Schedules. “I want to thank UAB Director of Athletics Mark Ingram, the University of Alabama Birmingham and the Birmingham community for their tremendous help and assistance. The UAB family has gone above-and-beyond to make us feel welcome.”


Another important reason why games are canceled or postponed if there are typhoons or hurricanes like the one hitting the state of Florida soon enough is to allow everyone to make the necessary preparations at home to secure their properties or evacuate if necessary. A hurricane of this power and magnitude is sure to cause a big damage to everything in its path, so it makes perfect sense to sacrifice games than the safety and lives of everyone.

As Hurricane Irma is tracking its way through the Atlantic Ocean with a projected weekend landfall in Florida, schools are adjusting their Week 2 college schedules to allow fans and students to prepare for the storm. As schools make announcements, we'll update this post with the latest for each of the FBS programs in the projected path of the hurricane.

Miami: The Hurricanes' road game at Arkansas State has been canceled with no plans to make up the contest as the teams do not share an off week later in the season. The University of Miami has canceled classes for the rest of the week, and Mark Richt has released his players to seek safety from the storm. 


Athletes really take their games seriously but hurricanes should never be ignored either knowing that places like Florida, for instance, often get hit bad and Hurricane Irma is projected to hit with a force never before witnessed by many. Even schools and offices have closed down to ensure that everyone is with their families at a difficult time like this one after hearing the devastation left by this hurricane in other places it has already passed. With no games to think about, everyone can focus on securing their homes and staying out of harm’s way. New schedules for these games haven’t been discussed yet until everyone sees what it is like after the storm has passed.

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